T-Shirt Designs

I’ve been playing dodgeball in the local league for about 3 years off and on. I’ve designed our ‘Uniform’ t-shirt print almost every time. The first few were adapting existing images and may have copyright implications outside of the dodgeball court so I’m putting them to rest as classics.

For my team, “Dinosaur Team”, I tried doing a design from scratch and I think everyone was really happy with how it turned out, (I actually printed way more than I needed so that most of my other friends could get one too.)

Here’s the Dinosaur Team.

I was inspired by the old folk tale of the Bremen Town Musicians which no one seems to know. I was very pleased when I heard that some Germans were able to recognize the reference when my brother was wearing the shirt around in Berlin. I drew the image directly in photoshop using a tablet, with a rough sketch and some toy model dinosaurs as reference.

Here’s the work-in-progress design for “Narwhals”. It took me a while to develop a concept because I know there are a lot of shirts with Narwhals already so I needed something extra. The first image probably won’t make it to t-shirt because it’s pretty complex but I created a simplified version that will hopefully work much better as a “uniform” logo.

I created this one using Inkscape, (open source Illustrator).