Cut That Cut Out

Cut That Cut Out flowed from me like nothing has ever flowed before. I started the first song in late March 2011 and had 12 songs by the next 30 days. I spent a bit more time re-recording parts and polishing things but I decided it was best to keep most of the raw energy in the tracks. I recorded drums using only a Rode NT1 set up in the adjacent room to the kit and though it would have been nice to have more options in mixing I couldn’t replace what I had already recorded without losing too much. I had a solid procedure for creating the songs which was essentially: record drums, loop a section, record some bass lines, record a secondary bassline to accompany, arrange the song based on these bits, then record two separate guitar parts. After that I would write lyrics and record them. There wasn’t much other instrumentation but I did end up recording sax later for probably about half of the tracks. I took the production more towards a low-fi sound because it was already leaning in that direction. I’m not the strongest of singers so I like to be able to bury it in the mix a little more too.

I used Ardour and Harrison’s Mixbus for all the recording and production, along with plugins from LinuxDSP. It worked out really well for me. I would say that this is my favorite music that I’ve made to date.