Nomad Skies – A free-to-play space conquest

While eagerly anticipating the launch of No Man’s Sky this summer, I decided to try out a game concept that has been waiting in the oven for several years now. The premise: explore a space system with real-time warp travel. Trips between planets can take anywhere between six minutes to a couple days (although the original concept suggested the potential of weeks-long travel). While not travelling the player is able to mine resources based on a shifting server-based market, as well as raid NPC ships for their valuables.

Nomad Skies is a fairly simple game but offers a casual play experience perfect for any amount of down-time. With 3 mini-games and loads of customizable ship parts the game has the perfect amount of content for casual users looking for a fun space-mining experience.

Nomad Skies

The game is available on Android and iOS.