New Generative Textures using Particles

I switched to a new fully generative system for creating my planet textures yesterday. I was previously using a few hand-drawn source files and manipulating those but now I’m using a particle system to form my source, largely thanks to the latest Noise and Trails modules in the Unity3D shuriken system.. There’s some neat features that let me do stuff like this:

So I can manipulate the lifetime and size over lifetime and overall size and noise distortion of these lines. Then I render it into a new Texture using a render texture and stack it 10 times with some randomized rotation and random tiling/scaling in the material.. Which gives me stuff like this:

Then I just throw that texture onto the planet and my shader will threshold it and adjust the lines based on the lighting. So it ends up like this:

It’s very similar to the look I had before but because I’m no longer limited to a range of hand-drawn textures it gives me lots of opportunities for greater random variety. It’s exciting creating a system that still has room for surprises each time I visit a new planet. I’ll continue to experiment with the particles to create an even wider range of possibilities.