Music Licensing/Commissions

I don’t consider myself much in the way of a traditional composer but in the last 10 years I’ve learned a lot about my own music making process. I greatly enjoy creating music often just for the sake of hearing it myself. I find the most fun I have making music is when I let the sounds shape themselves and have a piece form itself organically.

As I’ve been creating a good deal of original music in the last little while with no real outlet for the content it occurred to me that the music may be useful for others as well. I’ve had a number of sounds on that see heavy use and it’s nice being able to give back to the creative community. Music is a little different so I’ve decided to share what I can in the best way I can think of. I know a big issue with music licensing sites is that the licenses are rarely exclusive, or are otherwise extremely expensive. Here’s what I can offer:

  • Exclusive (see below) rights to use a track for your project (commercial or otherwise).
  • I maintain rights to the music for my own use (most likely for releasing in an album).
  • I’ll obviously want to know about the context of the use of the music and will need to approve it.
  • I expect to be credited for my work but don’t require monetary compensation.

This applies to existing music that I’ve recorded but I’m also available for commission. I’m willing to provide new original music free of charge under these conditions:

  • I maintain all rights to the music for my own use.
  • The music is provided as is – you may take it or leave it if you feel it doesn’t fit exactly what you need.
  • Suggestions are welcome but ultimately I will make the music I want to.
  • I still expect to be credited for any music that is used.
  • Unused music will go back into my pool of music available for others to license.

One other thing to note. This offer is largely intended for smaller projects that don’t necessarily have the budget to spend on music otherwise. Unless I love your bigger budget project I’m not necessarily willing to hand out free music for that.

I’m also available for paid commissions if you’d like more control over the final track or need a collection of tracks with a more consistent tone.

If you have any questions about anything please feel free to contact me.