Jettomero OST

Two weeks ago I released the Jettomero OST – it’s one of my favourite sets of music I’ve ever recorded. It’s inspired quite a lot of by Boards of Canada, as well as as Phantogram, in addition to many more subtle influences. I ended up writing/recording each song in a single session each – usually around 4-5 hours, which I find is one of the only ways that I can work on music these days. The overall tone of the album is down-tempo and spacey, a little dark at times but more uplifting in other parts. As a soundtrack for the game I think it captures all the feelings I’m trying to go for.

I used mostly the Korg Minilogue for my sounds but also included a good amount of guitars running through synth effects and delay. It took me at least 3 false starts to finally get this soundtrack figured out but once I got rolling with the first track the rest just kind of followed. Really enjoyed the whole process.

Take a listen!