A Disclaimer for Jettomero

Please note this is not a tutorial. This is me attempting to explain a number of things to both you and I to alleviate certain expectations about Jettomero that I’m concerned some people may have and that may also be causing me stress/depression. I know there’s lots of great games out there that don’t conform …

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Shader-driven Flame Effect

I saw a cool gif of some animated flames the other day and wondered if I’d be able to recreate something similar in Unity3D. I’ve been using particle effects for almost everything up until now because I’m terrible at writing shaders but I thought I’d see what I could do. So here’s my less than …

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Creating Lazer Eyes

Yes, I know I spelled ‘laser’ wrong. But that’s just how I spell lazer because Z is a cool futuristic letter and lazers are also cool and futuristic. Anyway… I’m going to outline a couple techniques I used to produce this lazer vision effect in Jettomero using Unity3D’s line renderer component. Ignoring the fact that …

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