Musical Experimentation for Soul Power

I’ve taken a bit of a break from all other aspects of the game development to focus on the music for the game. I wanted to have two unique tracks for each world (8), which will consist of a slower overworld piece and a faster mission piece. In about a week I think I’ve got close to around half of what I’ll need. The process has been really interesting.

I’ve only ever had a rough idea of the type of instrumentation I’d want to use, (guitar and bass), and from there it’s been a lot of experimentation. I’ve been doing everything in ~2 minute compositions, with constant variations throughout each track. In the end I’ll be choosing my favorite sections and editing them down into < 30 second loops for use in the game. Because of my mobile target platform I have to keep file size down so I'm hopeful that I can cram everything in there.

It’s been extremely liberating being able to work in short compositions with no regard for my usual song structure approach. I’m not sure yet how the music works as a game soundtrack but I’m fine with going an unconventional route since the visuals have similarly been a little experimental as well.