Ludum Dare 27 – Quantum Breach

Last weekend I teamed up with a couple of old colleagues to make a game for Ludum Dare 27. For those who aren’t familiar with Ludum Dare (as I was until only recently), it’s a big online competition/jam where all participants must create some sort of video game from scratch in only 48-72 hours. I was extremely excited about the theme “10 seconds”, and I think we created an exciting and unique game experience with the time that we had.

Quantum Breach is a space shooter with a twist or two. One player controls the ship and shoots alien craft while the second player must recharge shields or ammunition while keeping an eye on both and acting quickly to fix hull breaches. In addition to this mechanic, keeping to the theme of “10 seconds”, both players switch roles every ten seconds. It’s a bit of a confusing and jarring event for beginners but it quickly encourages strong communication between both players to manage the inevitable transitions.

I split programming duties with my friend Blair, and using Unity3D and dropbox we managed to get everything together well under the deadline. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to the next Ludum Dare in December.

Try playing Quantum Breach here!