Destroy The World: Game Jam Game

This past weekend, my friend Cory and I were at a big game jam event in Vancouver, hosted by Full Indie. The event was a ton of fun and we managed to put together a pretty fun game from the event theme “Evil Genius”.

Our game, “Destroy the World: The Revenge of Professor Menace”, is a meditative physics-based game inspired by 1950s sci-fi movies. Your goal is to use a super magnet to repel incoming asteroids away from the Earth, only to crash them into each other, at which point they will merge to become larger asteroids. Ultimately you’re trying to merge all the asteroids into a super asteroid which will destroy the world, but you don’t want it to collide before then or you’ll need to start from scratch.

I coded the game in Unity3d and created all the audio assets. Cory took care of the 2D visual graphics as we designed the game together. I was really excited to theme it with 1950s sci-fi because it suddenly made the game way more fun and aesthetically interesting. I scripted flickering light into every element of the game to create the effect of an old film reel as well as faking scratches on the film with some erratically and randomly jittering lines. The soundtrack especially added a lot for me, using the classic The Day the Earth Stood Still as reference, I tried to create a dark and eerie soundtrack with different elements to punctuate events during the game. The pitch fluctuations in the score were tied in script to the visual fluctuations, the the score is somewhat procedurally generated in a sense.

Overall I’m really pleased with what the two of us achieved in a single weekend, and we’ll be looking at porting the game to mobile devices in the near future as a free download.

Play it in your browser right now! Destroy the World!